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Allshops is your local South African online shopping mall. Has launching your own online shop proven unaffordable? We provide vendors with a cost-effective online selling opportunity, while providing online buyers with all the convenience of a shopping mall. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a surge in online shopping worldwide, so the time to launch your own online store is now! Consult our pricing guide for our various options.

Register with us now, to get your online shop up and running!

How do I sign up?


Register here. In order to register, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Primary contact person.

  2. Business address.

  3. Business e-mail address.

  4. Vendor (business) name.

  5. PayPal e-mail. Not required. This is the e-mail address for your PayPal account, if you have one.

  6. Description. This is a description of your business, and the services / products you offer; in order to enable us to process your registration and verify your business. The basic information you load can be edited once you are registered.

  7. Terms and Conditions specific to your business (For example, Terms and Conditions that may be product-specific to your business). These form an addendum to the standard Allshops Terms and Conditions, which can be found here. The Returns Policy, which forms part of the Terms and Conditions can be found here. Please note that your Terms and Conditions may supplement the site Terms and Conditions, but should not conflict with them. Contact us should you require assistance.

  8. We reserve the right to refuse registration to vendors that do not meet the needs of our target market. Sex-related products and pornography are not a target-market fit for us.

Supply Information

To finalise your registration, we will contact you by e-mail for the following information:

  1. Company information.

  2. Logo.

  3. Photopraphs for your company page and marketing purposes.

  4. Your marketing blurb / brochures etc.

  5. Information you require on your web page.

  6. Product and price information. This includes all the product information you will require on the product page, as well as weight, packaging dimensions etc.

  7. Product pictures. These need to be good quality, high resolution images. You must hold copyright for all the information you supply, or guarantee that you have right of use for the images and information.

  8. Additional users to be loaded, and the site access they will require. Consult our vendor manual for more information about site access.

Business Verification

Information that we require to verify that yours is a business in good standing. Requirements may vary from time to time.


Finalise legal documents:

  1. Site Terms and Conditions.

  2. Your business-specific Terms and Conditions.

  3. Sales / Service Agreements.

  4. Third Party Reseller Agreement with Onlineshopping-SA.

  5. Privacy Policy / Information security.

  6. Other legal documents that may be required from time to time.

Vendor Payment

BIlling and / or subscription setup.

Web Development

  1. Vendor page development.

  2. Develop landing page; or

  3. Link to existing website.

  4. Domain registration if you elect to have a landing page on your own domain. 

System Setup

  1. Vendor Setup on Allshops.

  2. User and access levels setup.

  3. Payment gateway setup.

Set Up Products

  1. Create / link product categories.

  2. Create vendor characteristics - colour, sizes, etc.

  3. Load products & pricing. This includes weight, size / other characteristics, dimensions, product pictures, etc.

  4. Load bundled products.e.g. cellphone plus extra charger.

  5. Load related products. e.g. for cellphones - cellphone covers, screen covers, etc.

Shipping Setup

  1. Activate shipping for your products.

  2. Shipping prices are quoted by the higher of actual weight or volumetric weight, so you will need to provide standard packaging sizes and package weight of your products to ensure shipping is quoted & billed correctly.

Advertising & Social Media Setup

Products will be advertised on our Facebook page. If you take advantage of our Social Media service offerings, these include the following:

  1. Setup of Social Media accounts where required - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter.

  2. Create adverts / banner adverts.

  3. Google Analytics setup for your own domain, if applicable.

User Training

  1. We will provide an electronic User Guide for you to use as a reference document.

  2. In addition, we will provide telephonic support while you are learning to use the system.

  3. Physical training will be provided at a cost.







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